Its all distractions, except …

Everyone can relate to a moment when they have been fully satisfied or pleased, simply with a ‘peace on mind’.

This moment is unique for each one of us.
Its essence, the smell or taste of it, is, what is important. Not what happened when it happened, it is what we felt, the sensation of this moment who is important, that who satisfied us, what tranquil us.

Remember that moment and try to come back to it, what you felt. If you do, you are HOME.

From that moment you have found what life is about, you have reconnect yourself to the source of what is.

From this state there is nothing more to desire, or longing for.
This sensation is what is … You, Love, God, or what ever name you put on it.

The magic is, what ever you add to this moment, it is a distraction, it distract you from sensing it. Every thought, every signal; either it is internal or external, it distracts you, it stops you from stay connected to your feeling.

It’s not this or that who takes you away from it, it is EVERYTHING else.

When one sees this, it is so simple, so obvious.
At ones you turn to this sensation, it will be your guide for the rest of your life.

In the beginning it can scares you that all else is an distraction, but when one sees the simplicity of it, the coming back to being, it is so obvious, so clear, that this is what it’s all about.

All interactions is because we want to come to this being, and what it do with us is just to distract us and make us more confused.

Most important is.
This is not an answer to a question, in sensing there are no questions and answers. Q & A is just for the mind, while sensing includes the whole capacity of a being.

It’s like listening to music, it’s not the music, it is your dance to the music that connects you.


Ps: this is my last distraction on you ;)


Dagens låt: Dance Into The Light med Phil Collins

Thomas Romlin

Thomas Romlin

Medlar icke dualistiska insikter såsom det existentiella.
Gillar enande och subjektiva upplevelser vilka då och då brukar kallas för kärlek ;-)

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